British Short Hairs.

Premier Cottage Bugsy Malone (Clyde)

Meet Clyde, he took the 1st and b.o.b. at this years Kernow show.He had 2 seconds at the Midland Show 

Clyde is now N. and was shown at the Kernow 2011 and took his 1st. P.C. & B.o.B.

May 22 2011 Midland Cat Show. Clyde took his 2nd PC and B.o.B. 

June 4  2011 Somerset Cat Show. Clyde took his 3rd PC and B.o.B. and became a Premier.



Welcome Biscuit, our cream and white boy, He is now proven. Blood group A  Ab. does not carry lilac.  Many thanks Jane for a gorgeous cat.

Now Retired

Visits to our stud boys, is by invitation only


Thank you Lynn for this fab boy.

Over The Moon

Mushu  entered at S.W.B.C.C and won open. B.o.B. and 1st and 2nd in side classes.